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Thank you for visiting Pawsitive Walks! We began working with dogs and their humans to help strengthen relationships and keep animals and their families happy and healthy. We are dog behavior specialists that will address your specific needs in a way that both you and your beloved pet will understand. We have a variety of services to meet the needs of any family and their pets. We offer dog obedience training, dog behavior modification, dog walking, house calls, and dog boarding. 

Do you have a dog that is making you crazy, frustrated or scared? Does your dog pull on leash, pee on everything, bite or mouth people, chase squirrels or cats, bark or whine incessantly, growl, destroy your belongings, not come when called, fight with other dogs, act out with groomers or vets, steal food, or do other things that make your life difficult? 

From puppyhood to old age, we will fix your dog problems! Whether you need potty training and basic obedience or have problems that have already developed, we provide you with hope and solutions to make your life easier, safer and more enjoyable. Our Board & Train and Private Training services provide options to fit every family and lifestyle.  Our dog training lessons in obedience, behavior modification, state of mind improvement and low level remote collar training will teach your dog how to be calm and reliably follow your commands. Unlike group lessons that either don’t address your issues, move too fast or too slow or are distracting and inconvenient, our programs cater to your needs, your time availability, and your pace.

There is hope. You are not alone. Hope that you can keep your animal in your home without stress, destruction, fear and/or frustration.  Many trainers are not equipped to handle aggressive, bratty,  stubborn or fearful behavior problems. We are, and we can’t wait to transform your life!

puppy_left.pngLos Angeles Dog Training and Pet Care Services

Pawsitive Walks offers you and your pets a complete menu of dog training and pet care services throughout Los Angeles. Our professional dog trainers and dog walkers work hard to make your busy life easier and more enjoyable.  We provide exceptional services for both our human and animal customers.  Pawsitive Walks' #1 goal is to make your pets safe, happy, and healthy, so you can focus on your busy day! 

dog_right.png Pawsitive Walks is a professional, licensed, and insured dog training, dog walking and boarding service. We’re locally owned and have operated since 2005. Our team of trained pet care pros have a deep love for animals and passionately enjoy helping you have the very best relationship with your pet. You’ll get reliable, personal, and affordable pet services with Pawsitive Walks! Check out our services and contact us for your FREE consultation today!