Pack Walk

IMG_8755-1.jpgWe are pleased to offer our structured pack walks to our clients and community members.  A pack walk gives you and your dog an opportunity to bond, get exercise, work on your walking skills, and be around other dogs and owners in a controlled setting.  Whether your dog loves other dogs, is timid, or is working on being calm around other dogs, our pack walk can benefit you!

If you are frustrated or struggling when you walk your dog, we can begin to show you how easy, relaxing and fun your walks can be.   

Dogs improve their social skills and behavior by being around other dogs in a positive and balanced environment.  Safety, (for dogs and humans) is extremely important, so all dogs are expected to be under the control of their owner.  This is achieved by helping your dog tune into its “pack mentality” and exercise these skills by providing consistent leadership and influence around other dogs.  An extremely structured environment will allow your dog to improve their leash manners, as well as their behavior around people and other pets we encounter on our walks.  Our walks will empower you to have an exceptional relationship and walk with your dog.  We promote exercise, respect, behavior modification, impulse control, fun and safety. 

Cost: FREE!

**All dogs are required to be on a properly fitted prong or martingale collar and a 2-6 foot leash--NO retractable leashes allowed.  Prong collars are available for purchase before each pack walk.  Contact us if you will need to purchase a collar.  Please view this Prong Collar Video for sizing instructions.**

Walks will generally last 1-2 hours.  

Pack Walk Rules:
1) When you arrive, keep your distance from other walkers and dogs.
2) Ask before approaching/getting close to a dog - some dogs have issues with strangers/other dogs.
3) DO NOT allow dogs to meet face to face.
4) Avoid using high pitched or baby voices.
5) Stay calm and low key - we want our dogs to mimic our state of mind.
6) No food or treats allowed.  If you need help motivating your dog without treats, ask us for advice. 
7) Bring poop bags and pick up any mess that your dog makes.
8) Bring water for you and your dog. 

Liability Waiver: 
I understand that by attending this event I will take 100% responsibility for my dog's behavior and will not hold Alaina Snyder, Pawsitive Walks, or any of its employees/contractors/representatives responsible for any harm my dog does to any person or dog. By attending this event I will also grant permission to Alaina Snyder, Pawsitive Walks, or any of its employees/contractors/representatives to correct my dog for any behavior that is deemed dangerous to another dog, a person, the public, or itself. I hereby assume all risk of personal injury to myself, members of my family, guests who may attend, as well as my dog, while I am attending this pack walk.  


 Fear of Dogs
 Fear of People
 Aggression/Reactivity on Leash
 Medical Issue Limiting Exercise
 None of the Above